Time To Replace The Old Water Heater?

If you’re replacing a water heater, you can replace it with the same type of unit. However, upgrade possibilities should be considered. For example, you may choose to increase or decrease the unit’s holding capacity to accommodate a changing family. Or, you may opt to go tankless.   We offer a number of upgrades for your water heating system.

  • Natural Gas/LP Power Vent

  • Natural Gas/LP Chimney Vent


  • Natural Gas/LP Tankless

  • Electric 


Replace my Water Heater

Emergency Service Available

Czapp & Griffith’s technicians are emergency Plumbing, Heating, cooling & commercial refrigeration specialists who offer complete services for both residential and commercial customers. Our well-trained and experienced technicians are familiar with all types of household, office and commercial systems. We know how important a quick response can be.  * After hours fee will apply


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